K12Sale, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization conceived in 2013 to assist School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention System professionals with tools for their particular school or educational organization.

At-risk, remedial and special-needs students in pre-K through 12th grades all benefit when goals are personal, paths are clear and rewards are relevant and tangible.  Our culturally diverse focus ensures that objective methods can be achieved through partnerships with other PBIS professionals and leveraged into the toolkit that we offer to the educational organization.

Our Mission

To empower K-12 students with the tools and methods they need to achieve their personal goals and learn life-long habits of success.

The Science

School wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support (SWPBIS) is the scientific effort that helps students achieve normative educational benchmarks through a multi-tiered approach of technical assistance to children with disabilities.

K12Sale, Inc. boldly suggests that a culturally diverse and socially responsible method must include personal and individual goal-setting to more strongly motivate the student and empower them to build habits of success.

Our business model includes a comprehensive blind study of data collected throughout the schools’ subscribed term with us.

How we operate

  • providing incentives for students in the form of an e-commerce website (MyGotchas.org) where they can set goals for themselves and earn Gotcha points at their school to spend on their purchases.  There is no cash involved.
  • we ship free twice each month to the school district so the PIBS professionals can distribute student purchases and be a part of their success.
  • we work with wholesalers, retailers and other sources to receive quality items in our warehouse (or shipped on demand) for sale on website.
  • students set goals and add items to their goal-list and educators help them achieve these goals by awarding Gotcha Cards for improved academic performance and behavioral improvement.
  • we work directly with PBIS Rewards to provide tracking tools to the schools and apps for the students
  • we rely on 3-year contracts from the schools and generous donations from around the world to sustain our efforts


We passionately believe that our children should be the targets of our investments.  Investing in their habits of success improves our society by increasing the quality of academics and behavior, respecting the diversity of our rich culture and nurturing the possibilities for every child as they grow into tomorrow’s movers and shakers.